Sierra Red Fire Bush

Sierra Red Fire Bush

Hamelia patens

This native of tropical Florida and South America is often called fire bush or firecracker bush. Rich red flowers are produced at the branch tips each spring, remaining in bud until warm weather arrives. Hummingbirds love the tubular flowers! Flowering continues well into fall, followed by small black fruit. Sierra Red™ was selected by Mountain States Wholesale Nursery for its intense red flowers, compact habit, and short internodes. Other clones may range in color from orange to red. In the hot-
test regions it remains evergreen, producing whorls of 6-inch-long glossy green leaves. If the weather turns cool, the leaves will develop a nice burnished orange color, and defoliate if temperatures dip below freezing. Plants are root hardy to 20° F and normally refoliate quickly each spring. Most plants can be easily maintained at a 3 to 4 foot size. Tolerant of heat and salt, it requires good drainage and ample water while actively growing. USDA Zone 7

Full Sun

Zone 7-11

Height 3′